Piano Pro Course

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The Piano Pro course provides intensive piano training with a particular focus on efficiency and speed of the progress as well as on putting the skills to work in a performance environment. It aims to address any challenges an aspiring pianist may have. The course is suitable for candidates willing to undertake intensive piano performance training such as (but not limited to):

all intermediate and advanced students showing outstanding commitment to practise

students preparing for festivals, competitions, auditions

students preparing for ABRSM Grade 6,7 and 8 exams

students preparing for ARSM, LRSM, DipABRSM, LRSM, FRSM exams

students preparing for entry auditions at Colleges/Higher Education institutions

Candidates who completed grades lower than 6 are welcome to apply, providing an exceptional commitment to piano practice/performance can be observed. 


The course is led by Przemek Dembski- TMMS Artistic Director and concert pianist who specialises in providing intensive piano training to TMMS students. His professional experience applied as practical instruction is the core of the course content. Przemek’s professional record includes:

mutiple performances in top UK and EU venues

multiple prizes and awards

multiple CD releases

40 medals won by students in national festivals


Step 1.

Book your free initial consultation below:

Step 2.

During the session, you will be working on a repertoire of your choice with the Artistic Director, and we will introduce you to the course content in detail.

Step 3.

After the session, The TMMS Artistic Director will be able to confirm you meet the entry requirements. If both parties confirm the interest to continue you will be sent registration documents, and your course will commence once signed and first monthly fee paid.


Initial consultation

A free, no-commitment session with the course leader to determine candidates’ potential and course eligibility held at TMMS premises


Taster Course

A block of 4 x 45 minutes lessons for students who want to make sure they can commit before enrolling to one of the yearly courses. Can be taken once per student after a free trial if a decision about signing up to the longer course needs more time to be made

£190 (4x 45mins lesson)

Piano Pro 45

  • 45 mins of weekly individual tuition

  • 40 lessons per academic year

  • 6 open lessons (masterclass)

  • in school performance opportunities

  • external  performance opportunities

  • personalised goal plan with audio and video submissions

£190/month (12 months course)

Piano Pro 60

  • 60mins of weekly individual tuition

  • 40 lessons per academic year

  • 6 open lessons (masterclass)

  • in school performance opportunities

  • external  performance opportunities

  • personalised goal plan with audio and video submissions

£250/month (12 months course)


Each participant of the consultation/ course masterclass willing to sign up for the course is automatically considered for a scholarship. The decision is based purely on merit and at the discretion of TMMS Artistic Director. TMMS only awards scholarships if an outstanding potential by the candidate has been demonstrated.

A TMMS Scholar will be required to adhere to scholarship programme terms and conditions and accept the responsibilities as a role model for the TMMS Student Community.



40 individual lessons a year with the TMMS Artistic Director will be a core of your course. The lessons will be adapted to cater for the needs of advanced training and will include:

advanced stylistic/technical/interpretation guidance

performance anxiety management coaching

career development research

coaching on recording/performance strategies


To enhance your learning experience you will be given a chance to participate in 6 open lessons where you will be able to:

perform in front of your peers

get feedback from other participants as well as from the teachers

listen to other course attendees lessons and provide feedback


You will be required to take part in multiple in-school performances.

Selected candidates will be able to perform in one of the London most prestigious venues- Steinway Hall during the annual TMMS PianoPro concert


You will be required to set up a yearly plan with your teacher and define your goals for the academic year upfront. These could include:

repertoire to be covered

in-school or external performances

audio/video submissions to be made

The plan is subject to a termly review and your end of year mark will depend on it