Rearrange your lesson

Our aim has always been to provide an exceptional educational experience to unleash your musical talent. We have therefore designed processes and policies to create a highly effective learning environment.
Therefore, it has long been our policy to avoid disruptions caused by cancellations and rescheduling of lessons for all our full-time students which is reflected in our terms and conditions.

However, we understand that flexibility is required specifically in exceptional circumstances, so we are introducing a new simple process to address the issue.


  • The rearrangement notice must be given at least 48 hours prior to the start time of the missed lesson (as per the time of the submission of the form)
  • Maximum of 3 reschedules per academic year per student are allowed
  • The missed lesson must be rearranged within 4 teaching weeks from the date of the missed lesson
  • The booking of the rearranged lesson is subject to availability which is not guaranteed in any way

Please follow the steps below to  report an absence and rearrange your lesson


Step 1. Fill in the form letting us know about your absence

This is so we know what lesson you are missing.

Step 2. Wait for your coupon code

  • The TMMS Management will validate your request and check if it meets the terms and conditions
  • Upon approval you will receive a unique code you can use to book yourself a rerranged session
  • This process can take up to several working days

Step 3. Book yourself a rearranged lesson

  • If your request is approved by TMMS management, you will receive a code for booking your lesson online and you can choose your preferred slot from the TMMS calendar with your regular teacher or another teacher of the same instrument.
  • Please proceed with booking on the form below. Use your coupon code at the final stage of the checkout to reduce lesson price to 0.
  • Please make sure you are booking the lesson with the right teacher. Should your regular teacher have no availability please choose another teacher teaching the same instrument
  • Please ensure your are choosing the right lesson duration. A lesson you are booking must be the same lenght as the one you missed