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It is time to make that dream of yours a reality. If you have been fascinated by music but did not how to get started, then we are the perfect school for you.  Our courses are for all ages and abilities and you can try us out now with absolutely no cost and zero risks. What are you waiting for? Click the button below and book your free trial lesson. It will take you less than 1 minute!


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Guitar Lessons

Start or continue your guitar playing journey by joining our proven and tested guitar courses. Achieve results and enjoy your progress
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Singing Lessons

Learn to sing, with private lessons from expert teachers and world-class vocal techniques, methods, and exercises.
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Violin Lessons

Learn how to play violin and master classical violin basics through detailed violin lessons and tutorials from our world-class teachers
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We offer 30 minutes free trial one to one sessions for the instruments listed above. These can be booked and confirmed using the simple booking system. You will receive instant confirmation email and SMS once you complete the booking.

Trials are for all ages and abilities, no matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced student.


What you need to learn effectively

A Defined Goal

Agree on a goal with your teacher and work towards it. Structured course or just learn as a hobby? your call!

Your Music Books

Comprehensive books will be recommended for you. You will be given lesson notes after each lesson.,

Daily practice

The frequency of practice is really important to ensure effective learning, 15 minutes a day is highly recommended.

Your Instrument

Ensure that your instrument is fully operational and in good working order to get the best out of the lesson

Why Choose Us?


We have implemented a COVID safe environment. All our teachers undergo enhanced DBS checks, additionally, they are all trained in child protection and GDPR. Child safety is our top priority.

Free Theory Lessons

As part of our commitment to learning excellence, we offer free theory group lessons online/onsite for all yearly course students.

All Ages & All levels

As our instrumental courses are individual one to one, they are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. All age groups welcome.

Goal Oriented

At the start of the course, your teacher will discuss your goals with you and advise the best way achieve them.

Exam Success

70% of our students achieve distinction or merit result from external examination boards

Award Winning

Our students regularly attend and achieve medals in competitions and festivals. to date, our students have achieved more than 70 medals


Our instrumental courses will be tailored to your requirement. We can follow ABRSM, Trintiy, and others. Or we can simply create an individual plan for you.

Proven Formula

We have taught over 800 students in the last 4 years so we have proven methods to achieve results provided off-course that you practice!

Accelerated Learning

By using a combination of individual classes, group theory classes, and best in class music software we will ensure that you maximise your learning experience.

Weekly Lessons

Our yearly courses are run weekly, 40 weeks per calendar year ensuring that you have summer and other breaks.

Flexible Duration

The most popular lesson duration is 30 minutes per lesson. However we do offer 45 min and 60 min or more. Talk to us if you are interested to learn more.


On completion of each course year, you will receive a TMMS completion certificate from our Artistic Director

What our students & parents say about us

Classes are dynamic and full of activities through which my child has been learning to express rhythm with her body, recognize a higher/lower tone pitches by taking positions in the space or organizing some concrete materials. She had an opportunity to explore different instruments and their volumes. After a year I am amazed by my daughter’s progress and grateful to the teacher for her patient approach, amazing knowledge and meticulously planned work.
Jelena Đukić Radivojević
We enrolled our 4 year old daughter in the Little Genius program about a month ago and are thrilled with both her enthusiasm and apparent progress. I sat in on one of the classes and was incredibly impressed with how well the teacher lead the class and how fully she interacted with my daughter. We look forward to eventually studying an instrument at the school, but are very much enjoying the play and theory incorporated in the Little Genius classes!
Sarah Mansourian
I enjoyed my singing lessons with Evegeniya Kiseleva because she is a wonderful teacher, and my singing has really progressed with her help. I can thoroughly recommend her as a competent and knowledgeable singing teacher.
Julie de Burgh
Przemek's professional, detailed and in-depth instruction took my daughter Milena from Grade 5 to Grade 8 in a very short period of time while keeping her motivated! His advice on a performance preparation made my daughter perform in front of the audience with confidence which gave her a sense of accomplishment.
Marija Cabarkapa
I love it here, professional and motivational teachers have pushed me so much and it’s great! I started here doing grade 3 and now I’m doing grade 6!
Adam Moula

Our Pricing - Same for any instrument

Free Trial

No Risk. No Payment Required
£ 0 / 1 x lesson
  • No commitment & No payment
  • Pick a suitable date and time
  • 30 minute lesson duration
  • Choose to learn your favourite instrument

Taster Course

Instrumental One to One Lessons
£ 139 / 4 x lessons
  • 4 lessons
  • All lessons are run from West Ealing weekly
  • 30 minute lesson duration
  • Choose to learn your favourite instrument

Yearly Course

Instrumental One to One Lessons
£ 139 / month
  • 40 lessons per year
  • All lessons are run from West Ealing weekly
  • 30 minute lesson duration
  • Choose to learn your favourite instrument
  • Free live online theory group lessons (value £35/month)
  • Opportunity to participate in school concerts
  • End of year certificates
  • Awards for outstanding students
  • Yearly course paid by 12 equal monthly instalments

Proven Results

Exam Entries
Distinction or Merits
Festival Medals

Modern School Premises in West Ealing

Our World Class Teachers

Przemek Dembski

Artistic Director & Pianist

Tomasz Bura


Lentia Ntiso


Mariana Farah


Julia Dembska


Julian Clef


Joanna Laboga

Little Genius/'Theory

Franco Kong


Bart Berner


Claudia Carrey


Stella Dukova


Anna Piertzak- Switala


Alessandro Carli


Panagiotis Sotiropoulos


Ramtin Montazemi


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