Terms and conditions

About The Masters Music School

The Masters Music School aims to provide a top-quality music tuition to students of all age categories in West Ealing and across West London. The company is formed of first-rate tutors with an international performance experience and its main focus is bringing the stage experience into the teaching environment to students of levels of ability and thus, providing them with a specialist music education tailored to their needs.

General arrangements


  • The School operates within the term dates as described in a Term Dates Calendar and on the school’s website. Please note that for customers’ convenience these dates fully comply with London Borough of Ealing education guidelines.
  • The School may provide the tuition during half-terms and holidays, this however cannot be guaranteed. Please speak directly to the Director or your teacher in case the extended tuition is needed.

Opening Hours

The lessons take place within the working hours as specified below:

Mon – Fri:          15:00- 21:00

Sat – Sun:           09:00-21:00

Please contact the Director if you require some lessons to take place outside these hours.


All the lessons take place in our premises:

The Masters Music School

19 The Avenue, West Ealing

London W13 4RZ

Please note we are unable to teach from any other location unless special arrangements have been made.

Admission Procedures

  • Every potential student is eligible for a free 20 minutes one – to-one lesson with one of our highly qualified teachers. The goal of the trial lesson is to identify the needs of the student (for the teacher) and to experience the atmosphere of our learning environment (for students)
  • The School is happy for a single student to try out maximum 2 various instruments for free. Any excessive trial lessons have to be paid for according to our rates
  • In case both student and teacher are happy with the outcome of the trial lesson we request a student to commit to a 6 week course with minimum one 30-min lesson weekly. The student (parent/guardian) receives a welcome pack consisting of a welcome letter, contract, term dates calendar and course options. Please note however, that the place is not secured until the first payment has been made


  • A minimum of a 6-week upfront payment is required to secure a place at the School. The payment is calculated according to our rates and the length and number of lessons required by a student weekly.
  • We accept all form of payments including cash, cheques, online transfers and direct debit
  • The payments for consecutive terms must be made latest one week before the new term commences, otherwise the tuition may be suspended
  • We require a 3 additional monthly payment of cancellation notice in case the tuition is about to be terminated. Please note that we require a full payment to be made for this three months period of time which starts once the notice has been given
  • The school is unable to offer any refunds for lessons missed within the Term Dates. The ”Timetabling” section of this document provides a further guidance on timetabling and lesson times



  • All teachers working for The Masters Music School are highly experienced word-class performers with substantial teaching experience who were carefully selected during the interview process and artistic portfolio assessment procedures.
  • All teachers are DBS checked and the relevant certificates can be presented upon request
  • We guarantee our teachers will conduct themselves appropriately and professionally. In the unlikely event where the student feels this is not the case then we strongly recommend the student/ parent/guardian to inform the teacher immediately of any concerns. If this does not resolve the issue, then the Director should be informed as soon as possible and further action will be taken
  • Any exams, festivals, competitions, concerts should not be attended without the teacher’s consent as it is the teacher’s role to assess the student level and prepare the student accordingly.
  • Teachers are not responsible for any extra work to be done outside the lesson time. The only exception to this is communication with students/parents/guardians if for any reasons any urgent matters arrive in between the lessons and cannot be discussed during the lesson time.
  • Our teachers are not responsible for providing any teaching materials. The materials should be always purchased by student/parent according to teacher’s suggestions.


  • Once the first payment has been made, the School assigns a permanent weekly slot(s) for any lesson(s) required by a student. This is agreed according to student’s availability and free slots available for a particular instrument. The time slot allocated should be mutually convenient the school however cannot guarantee that all the customer’s request will be fully accommodated.
  • To provide an efficient tuition the School will make every effort to keep the slot unchanged during the academic year and expects the same effort from the student.
  • In case a student is willing to change his lesson time the change needs to be discussed both with the teacher and director and will depend on availability.
  • In case of lateness the lesson time will not be extended and unless exceptional circumstances occur they are unlikely to start early.
  • The missed lessons cannot be refunded. As the school makes every effort to keep the lessons regular the slot offered to a student cannot be assigned to someone else in case of absence. The School however strongly recommends informing the Director and Teacher about any absences to keep the tuition level as high as possible. However we may rearrange a maximum of one lesson per term if a minimum 48 hours notice was given subject to availability.
  • In case the teacher assigned for a student will be not available the lessons may be provided by a supply teacher or rearranged to a mutually convenient time


  • We require all students to conduct themselves accordingly and appropriately with a respect to the teacher and peer learners at all times during a lesson and when in the premises. In a situation where this is not the case the teacher may cease the lesson immediately. The teacher will discuss the inappropriate behaviour with the parent/guardian/student. If it, however, continues even though every effort was made to prevent this from happening the tuition may be suspended and no refund will be given.
  • Every effort will be made to provide the student with the highest quality standard of education possible, however the school cannot guarantee that this will result in any required exam marks, festival prizes etc.
  • The School welcomes all sort of feedback and makes every effort to meet the individual needs of each student. However the teacher may refuse undertaking any actions requested by student/parent/guardian if in his professional opinion the student will not benefit from them. This applies to the repertoire choice, exam and competition and concerts entries, teaching methods and all professional tuition-related matters.
  • Due to the nature of instrumental tuition the goals set up by the teacher should be always achieved by a regular practice as recommended by the teacher. The chances of success will not only depend on the teacher’s input but also on the quality and quantity of work done in between the lessons
  • We put a strong emphasis on establishing a professional and appropriate atmosphere between teacher and student that encourages honesty and an open dialogue at all times. We therefore recommend to raise all concerns and issues immediately. If for any reason a student/parent/guardian feels uncomfortable with any teaching technique employed by the teacher we recommend discussing this with the teacher/director immediately.


  • The School will make every effort to keep the student/parent informed about the goals, progress made and provide some feedback in the regular periods of time. However we strongly encourage students/parents to regularly communicate with the teacher during the lesson time as due to the nature of lessons this is the most efficient way of providing/receiving feedback.
  • The first point of contact for all teaching related issues is your instrumental Teacher and all other related issues is the Artistic Director.