Little Genius Course

If you are interested in introducing your child to a world of music at early stage of education you have just found right place to do it! Our Little Genius course was designed stimulate children’s imagination and musical interest and start a lifelong love and appreciation of music. We encourage all parents of the youngest children to start their musical journey from the earliest years!



through songs, games, rhymes, movement, fun

Introducing musical elements

Volume,Tempo, Pitch, Character Instruments, Rhythm, Notation

Introducing basic education elements

alphabet, counting, colours, days of the week, months of the year


Enhancement of all areas of EYFS learning

coordination, reading, self-expression, confidence, creativity, out of the box thinking, enjoyment, discipline

Teaching music as a language

supporting child’s self-expression and self-esteem

Preparation for further instrumental learning

and laying down the foundations of musicianship

Familiarizing students with broad variety of musical instruments

Parent-child relationship enhancement

Early friendships and social skills development


Joanna Laboga