Price Increase- FAQ

Price Increase 2024- Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a pricing adjustment?

The modest increase in pricing is necessary to maintain the high standards of musical education at Masters Music School. It enables us to invest in quality instructors, facility maintenance, expanding opportunities, and curriculum development.

Will TMMS make more profit after the increase?

No, Masters Music School is a non-profit organisation, and any adjustments to pricing are made solely to cover the costs associated with maintaining and improving the quality of musical education. The primary goal is to enhance the overall experience for students rather than generate profit. Any surplus funds, if generated, would be reinvested into the school to support its mission further and provide better opportunities for musical education. The pricing adjustment is a strategic measure to ensure the sustainability and continued excellence of TMMS as a non-profit institution.

Can I discuss this further with someone from the school?

Absolutely! We encourage you to contact our administrative team with any questions or concerns. We are here to address your queries and ensure a smooth transition.

I have signed up a member of my family. Will I lose the discount?

No, the pricing adjustment will not affect your sibling discounts. We understand the importance of providing affordable options for families with multiple students enrolled at Masters Music School. Sibling discounts will continue to be honoured. We remain committed to making our musical education accessible and inclusive for families with more than one student attending our programs.

Will the increase affect extracurricular activities and performances?

No, the increase is designed to sustain and enhance the overall musical education experience. Extracurricular activities and performance opportunities will continue to be an integral part of our program.

How often does Masters Music School review and adjust pricing?

We conduct periodic reviews to ensure our pricing aligns with the evolving needs of our students and the ongoing improvements in our program. This adjustment is part of our commitment to providing exceptional musical education.