Exam Dates and Fees

All TMMS courses can prepare students to take external examitations. These are held outside TMMS and require a separate booking and a fee payable directly to organisers. Exam application deadlines and fees for the most popular exam boards are presented below. These dates are assigned by external exam boards on application and cannot be amended by TMMS.

How to prepare and apply?

Step 1. Prepare

  • Become familiar with the chosen examination syllabus. Speak to your TMMS teacher and agree on the exam session well before. The repertoire/relevant skills must be ready well in advance and we generally recommend that the student is ready on application. Your teacher will be able to advise you as to when you/your child is going to be ready. Please be realistic with timescales and remember the preparation mostly depends on your practise. Your TMMS teacher will make any effort to give you the best instruction possible, however, you should allow enough time to apply the feedback.
  • Last-minute entries are not recommended as applicants who have not built up enough confidence early enough could suffer from performance anxiety and don’t perform well under the pressure.

Step 2. Apply

  • You can then make an application yourself directly from the exam boards website or ask your teacher to do it for you.
  • Please note that payment is taken on the booking. Please have your payment card ready while making an application.
  • Once booked dates are generally not rearrangeable and fees are non-refundable. 
  • In case of Trinity exams, only book the date if you know you can attend.

Step 3. Attend

  • Attend the exam at the date assigned by the examination board.
  • Allow extra time for travelling and aim to arrive at the venue at least 30mins before your exam start, as you will be offered a warm-up room, where you can prepare yourself and the instrument for the exam.
  • Your teacher is not allowed to be present for your examination. The accompanist will be inside the room only when performing the accompanied pieces.
  • Become familiar with any requirements the examiner may have on the day (prepared exam slips, tuning skills, original books and no photocopies in the room!).
  •  If you play with an accompanist make sure that you have the piano parts with yourself, even you have also given the copies to the pianist – be in charge (nothing worse than to miss the exam due to problems with your accompaniment!)

Step 4. Report Back

The applicant (you or your teacher) will receive the results and certificate within 4-6 weeks after your exam. Please bring these to your TMMS as we would love to see the results and the teacher will need to see the comments to apply the feedback moving forward. We will then take a copy of your results for our records.

Dates and fees 2020-2021

2020-2021 Fees:

Prep Test 39 GBP
Initial Grade 40 GBP
Grade 1 44 GBP
Grade 2 50 GBP
Grade 3 58 GBP
Grade 4 63 GBP
Grade 5 69 GBP
Grade 6 80 GBP
Grade 7 85 GBP
Grade 8 101 GBP


08 November – 11 December

Online booking period: 27 September – 7 October 2021






2019-2020 Fees:

Initial £42.00
Grade 1 £47.00
Grade 2 £52.00
Grade 3 £57.00
Grade 4 £65.00
Grade 5 £73.00
Grade 6 £81.00
Grade 7 £90.00
Grade 8 £101.00

Exam dates vary per exam centre.


Session takes place in second half of each term.


 Dates will close when full, or 28 days before the week of exams in which you’re entering.


Please visit the booking page for more information