Studying safely

during coronavirus


Guidance for students and parents

Information for the TMMS community concerned about novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

This page is updated with guidance from the Public Health England (PHE).

This guidance is reviewed and updated regularly as per notification below

LAST UPDATED ON 19/04/2021

In line with the commencement of step 2 of the COVID-19 response – spring 2021, TMMS is now open and offers face-to-face provision to all children, without restriction on the reasons for which they may attend

Please check the section below for more information and safety precautions on site:

What’s the latest government update on COVID-19 and what it means for TMMS?

What TMMS does to keep the students safe?

No waiting area/seats

Chairs and furniture have been removed from teaching rooms/waiting area as waiting in the premises won’t be possible

No group classes until further notice

Group classes such as theory, orchestra will not be run from the premises until further notice due to strict social distancing measures. These will still be held online


Clear signage and guidance will be provided in the premises to ensure the social distancing/precaution rules are easy to understand follow

Sanitisers/Washing facilities

Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available in all operational teaching rooms as well as in the lobby and corridor in addition to standard hand washing facilities available in the bathrooms

Disinfection- frequent cleaning

Frequent cleaning of instruments and equipment between uses will be applied using the extra disinfectants provided in teaching rooms as well as to all to objects and surfaces that are touched regularly


The existing Air conditioning system will be used to ensure a proper ventilation/air circulation to lower down the risk of a viral spread


Our staff members will be equipped with PPE including masks and visors should any extra measures other than above be required

Staff training

Our staff members will be trained in adherence to the new rules as well as on how to guide students while on the premises whenever necessary

What do we ask students to do?

  • anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 will be expected to communicate this to the admin office, to stay at home and to follow NHS self-isolation and testing guidelines. If the test result is negative, they will be allowed back to school. If positive, they must stay at home until their 14-day isolation period is finished. TMMS will work with the local Public Health protection team as required to trace any contacts at school if there is a positive case, and we shall communicate with pupils and parents accordingly
  • Use the hand sanitisers provided in the rooms and in premises while inside
  • Use the washroom facilities provided while inside and wash hands frequently
  • Adhere to the 1m + social distancing rule while inside
  • Use the face covering if the social distancing can’t be adhered to
  • To always follow the instructions by TMMS teachers/leadership team while in the premises should further adjustments be necessary
  • To bring their own stationery (pens, pencils) whenever appropriate

What do we ask parents to do?

  • Not to wait for the child inside, only drop off and pick up strictly adhering to the lesson times
  • Not to bring any family members/relatives/friends other than a student to TMMS premises
  • To collect the child on time to avoid congestion forming in the Premises
  • To minimise the contact with admin/management team by making any request by phone/email whenever possible