Zachariah Addei-Thompson


Zach is a passionate vocal tutor who aims to unlock a singer’s full vocal and performance potential.

After graduating in Music at the postgraduate level at King’s College London, Zach has been a performing, studio artist, and choral scholar who has gigged and toured in various genres such as RnB, Soul, Rock, Classical and Sacred.

Previously, Zach has sung in London’s and Europe’s most prestigious locations, notably St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and L’├ęglise de la Madeleine in Paris. Such performance experience and knowledge are actively used in lessons to develop students into competent performers.

Zach has been appointed at various schools across London as a peripatetic voice tutor. His vocal pedagogy approach is to equip students with the tools and resources to become intuitive and confident vocalists. Zach is a highly responsive tutor for various vocal styles with an enthusiastic approach to vocal anatomy, health, and application.

Zach’s work toward individuality is a crucial principle; through his lessons, students are encouraged to become knowledgeable vocalists who can autonomously adapt to musical demands and practices.