Yanran Li


Yanran Li, an accomplished pianist, seamlessly weaves her musical expertise with an MA in Art History from The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, where she graduated with High Distinction honours.

Before her time in London, she earned a BA and MA in Piano Performance from the Mannes School of Music, New York, achieving significant milestones such as receiving the prestigious New York Steinway Award and securing a five-year full scholarship. Her extensive teaching tenure of over 15 years has been marked by catering to a diverse range of students, earning widespread recognition in the music education sphere.

Completing a one-year British Library research fellowship in 2023 has expanded Yanran’s career trajectory, leading her to engage in global performances and collaborative event curation that harmoniously blend music with other art forms. Positioned at the intersection of music, art, and academia, she exudes versatility and a profound passion for fostering musical excellence across varied learners.