Seh Hui Yong


Seh began her musical education since the age of 4. She underwent her early years musicianship training under the Yamaha Music Foundation (which emphasises on developing an acute sense of pitch awareness), followed by ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) – which stresses more on sight-reading. She completed her ABRSM Grade 8 Piano examination at the age of 13. Apart from the piano, she does sing and play the violin, too. She is multi-lingual (she sings fluently in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay). After completing her BA music degree, Seh subsequently pursued her MA Music degree and completed her degree with a Merit in 2008. She has been teaching and performing extensively in London ever since. Seh loves teaching music. She is an experienced teacher – with over 10 years experience in teaching. She has developed a strong passion and excellence in teaching children and adults, taking students from any level through to the highest levels of ability, up to Grade 8 and above. She finds it very rewarding to see students pass their examinations with flying colours.

Seh has great confidence in teaching students of any age group (children and adults) given the level of training and experience she has acquired over many years. Seh finds her experience teaching in London to be very enriching and exciting. She enjoys exploring and discovering various teaching methodologies as she believes each student is unique in the way they absorb and respond. Seh does believe that both aural skills and sight-reading skills are equally important in producing fully rounded, excellent musicians. Therefore, she applies both methods when she conducts her lessons.

As a highly professional musician, Seh has over ten years of experience in performing. With a pure passion and dedication for creative arts, Seh’s performing experience ranges from residency work in five-star hotels such as The Ritz, The Landmark, The Savoy, Brown’s Hotel; to The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, corporate events, dinners, parties, weddings, churches, functions to music halls (including recitals, ballet and choral accompanying), commercial launches, ceremonies, charity organisations, auditions and rehearsals. She does also have extensive experience performing in tribute bands and function bands. Seh is very fortunate to have perfect pitch. She can play almost any tune on the piano after a single listening. Seh’s repertoire includes a wide variety of styles including Classical, Contemporary, Broadway, Standards, Pop Ballads, Pop Rock, Latin and Tango. Seh specialises in solo piano, cocktail piano, piano accompanying, keyboard playing, sight-reading, improvising and performing music with appropriate rhythms and tempos; performing with great sensitivity and awareness; ability to follow musical direction; aural training; melody singing. Seh has excellent sight-reading skills and she has the ability to learn a vast amount of pieces from memory quickly.

She is very passionate about improvisation – which she believes – comes as a huge asset as a teacher and a performer. Seh is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm and love of creative expression to ensure that others have an enjoyable experience. As an individual, Seh demonstrates strong beliefs in enriching the use of creative arts to inspire greater beliefs amongst others. Furthermore, her dedication to music is supported by her drive and enthusiasm to share her talents with others.