Natalia Pavolotckaia


Natalia is a professional singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. In addition, she’s a certified vocal, songwriting and composition coach, stagecraft and performance arts instructor, who graduated with Masters Diploma from London ICMP.

Natalia performed in a very well known Russian girls band N.A.O.M.I. where she was also a promoter, manager and producer. She’s been assisting Amybeth Beel (Christina Aguilera’s backing vocalist) during her lessons, as well as cooperating with American composer Steven Lebetkin as a composition instructor.

Apart from teaching online for TMMS, Natalia is currently an online tutor for KeyLab Music School in New York.
Natalia considers teaching to be a vital part of her artistic activity. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with students, watching their success, improvement and professional growth.