Nataliya Burzanitsa


Nataliya Burzanitsa, born and educated in Ukraine, is a distinguished graduate of the Donetsk State Musical Academy named after Prokofiev. She holds a comprehensive array of qualifications, including solo piano performance, piano teaching for all ages, chamber ensemble performance, and accompaniment. Additionally, she has pursued advanced studies, honing her skills in solo and chamber music under the tutelage of Professors B. Canino and Z. Palm at the Music Conservatory in Bern, Switzerland.

With over 23 years of dedicated teaching experience, Nataliya has significantly contributed to the musical education landscape. She has served as a piano teacher at the Special Music School for Gifted Children and the Prokofiev State Music Academy in Donetsk, Ukraine. Her pedagogical excellence is evident in the accomplishments of her students, many of whom have pursued postgraduate studies in prestigious institutions across Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, and Poland. Several of her students have also achieved laureate status in international competitions, showcasing the effectiveness and depth of her teaching methods.

Nataliya’s commitment to continuous professional development is reflected in her advanced training and certifications. She has completed specialized courses in Safeguarding and Understanding Challenging Behaviour in the UK, equipping her with a nuanced understanding of these crucial aspects of education. This training enables her to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all her students.

In addition to her teaching career, Nataliya is an accomplished performer. She is a laureate of numerous international and national competitions, and her performance career spans several countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Switzerland, and Syria. She has regularly performed as a soloist, chamber ensemble artist, and accompanist, garnering acclaim for her musical versatility and expressive depth.