Mariana Farah


Mariana Farah is a professional pianist and piano teacher. Her studies, artistic activity and work as a teacher has taken place both in Latin American and European environment. She completed postgraduate piano performance studies at the Autonomous University of Mexico and the Conservatory of Barcelona. She studied with Monique Rasetti, Eunice Padilla, Paolo Mello, Salvador Ojeda and Eugenia ArĂºs just to name a few. She also worked together with the recognized Mexican composer Horacio Uribe giving public performances of his original music.

She recently finished Dalcroze’s Training Bachelor that has expanded horizons in the fields of pedagogy, musical composition and opened a wide range of activity participating as a piano accompanist and arranger together with theatrical shows and Eurythmics performances.

As a piano performer she has given concerts with various chamber music ensembles, as a soloist and accompanying pianist. She recently composed the main theme of the national campaign that takes place in Mexico to promote a healthy diet among Mexican children to prevent childhood obesity. It was recorded with the Mexican violinist Abel Romero and the children’s choir of the National School of Music.

Last year she made a public performance of her recent compositions, short pieces written for violin and piano which she performed together with the Venezuelan violinist Ana Corona.

She is a dedicated teacher and has shown a specific interest to approach children with special needs. She has organized a variety of public concerts.

The special interest in Latin American music has led her to continue studying with the renowned Cuban Professor Tensy Krismant with whom she has worked in the deepening of piano technique, pedagogy and expanded her knowledge of Latin America works for piano and ensembles.