Lentia Ntiso


Lentia Ntiso is a pianist, musicologist, teacher and independent musician-artist. Starting from public music schools: “Shkolla e muzikës Tefta Tashko Koço” in Korçë, and “Experimental Music High School of Pallini” in Athens, she continued her music studies in piano and musicology, obtaining a Piano Diploma with Excellent unanimously from Philippos Nakas Conservatory and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Studies from the Department of Music Studies at School of Philosophy of the University of Athens.

She worked as an assistant musicologist at the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens. In her own compositions of music she has included personal recorded material from field research on the traditional music of Vlachs, as well as multiple vocal arrangements, always driven from the very first instrument that had her started on music: the piano.

As a teacher she’s taught many different types of lessons: classical piano, modern piano, music theory, aural training, solfege, singing, choir singing, byzantine music, and Tamboura (traditional instrument), as well as exam preparation for entry to distinguished music and art schools in Greece. As an indie music artist writing, producing and performing her own music, she likes to apply what she’s learned to her teaching approach: she believes that no matter the difficulties, there’s always a way to “make it work”.

Her favorite composer is Beethoven. Lentia enjoys finding a deep connection with the contrast of emotions in his works and his revolutionary ideas about artistry.