Joanna Laboga


Joanna started her adventure with music at the age of 5 in State Music Centre in Gniezno. She continued her education in the piano class at the Music Primary School. Then she moved to Poznań, where she graduated from Dalcroze eurhythmics department at the M. Karlowicz Music High School. The next step was completing the master’s studies of Dalcroze eurhytmics at the Academy of Music. I. J. Paderewski in Poznan. She also took part in many additional courses – e.g. International Rhythmic Congresses in Geneva, Developmental Movement course according to Veronica Sherborne, music education classes according to the concept of C. Orff , the concept of E.E. Gordon and many others.

Joanna is an experienced Dalcroze eurhythmics teacher. She worked in nurseries and schools as a eurhytmics tutor for many years. For the last seven years she was eurhythmics, piano improvisation
and methodology teacher in Music High School in Poznan, where she prepared high school students to work as a eurhythmic tutor. She also worked as a music therapist in a centre for people with mental health problems and different intellectual disabilities.

For many years Joanna was involved in various projects concerning Polish folklore. She was a dancer and vocalist in the “Wielkopolska” Song and Dance Folk Group. After that she’d started working in the Children’s Folklore Group “Cepelia- Poznan” as a music tutor.

In 2017 she moved to London and she’s started working In Polish Music School as a Dalcroze eurhytmics teacher and piano tutor.