Huayi Huang


Huayi works in science, but looks to serve also as a music educator. Having trained classically, he hopes to bring his extensive performance experience and scientific skills of observation into the teaching environment, to support your musical learning

His artistic approach is informed by my own formative studies, with notable artists like Stephen Hough and Norma Fisher for example. His pedagogy is influenced by the Montessori approach to human development and education, which emphasises self-determination in learning, achievement, and successful adaptation to contemporary society.

Huayi has taught classical music, theory, and keyboard skills to a range of learners (including adults learning music for leisure). He can also prepare more advanced students for competitions, festivals, internationally recognised exams (e.g. ABRSM), and scholarship applications. Having marked students studying at up to a masters level, he is well qualified to provide comprehensive reports of your progress to support your artistic development. He has also served as a part time Music Director in the past, providing me with extensive experience in broader issues such as programme planning.