Felipe Amorim Matos


Felipe Amorim has a first-class honours degree in music performance by The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (London) and studied with renowned drummers from all over the world, including: Bo Hilbert, Jimmy Duchowny, Bráulio Mayrink, Jean Dolabella, André “Limão” Queiroz, Justin Scott, Neil Martin, Darren Ashford and Chuck Sabo. He has been working as drummer, songwriter and music tutor since 2001 and is the author of the books Felipe Amorim Drum Method (Volumes 1 and 2) and Rhythmic Theory.

Felipe has performed and recorded with several bands and artists in South America, Europe and United Kingdom, highlighting: Jazz a Três, Deep Purple Cover, Alanis Morissette Cover, Os Possíveis, Claptonmania, Free Hendrix, Creedence Cover, Jimmy C & The Blues Dragons, Skylarks, Louise Ellen, Folding Stars and The Girl From Mars (Britpop theatre show).

Felipe is currently teaching drums at The Masters Music School, working as session musician for many British artists and touring the UK as a regular member of Definitely Britpop and What The Floyd (London-based Pink Floyd tribute)