Evgeniya Valu Kiseleva


Evgeniya is both a Russian and English school trained classical singer and tutor with a strong professional background (competitions, opera and musical theatre productions, concerts, dramatic theatre productions, etc.). She studied classical singing since 8 years old with a guidance of internationally renown masters such as Elena Obraztsova, Natalia Semeshko, Nina Rautio and Nikolai Golyshev who have formed Evgeniya’s unique detailed knowledge and approach to vocal performance and tuition.

Evgeniya finished a full-time music school and Tyumen State College of Arts (vocal, piano and stage performance acting courses, Russia), obtained a Bachelor Degree in Performance from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (BCU Conservatoire) and then got a place at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

At the moment Evgeniya continues her music and acting career as both a classical and pop music performer, and also forms a duo with the professional London based solo and collaborative pianist Guy Murgatroyd.