Alban Claret


Alban Claret was born in Perpignan (France) in 1987. He took his first guitar lessons at eight years old and discovered his passion and dedication for music making as a teenager which later made him  study intensively.

In 2004, he was accepted as  a student of the Musicology Faculty at the Conservatoire of Montpellier to broaden his knowledge about music styles. He also studied Composition/Analysis and  at the Jazz departement of the Conservatoire of Perpignan with the brilliant French Jazz Guitarist  Serge Lazarevitch. During this period Alban composed his first music and led several bands and played his first concerts.

Upon his arrival in the Netherlands in 2008, he was accepted in the Jazz Departement at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and cooperated with musicians like John Ruocco, Eric Ineke. He then took  lessons with Martijn van Iterson.

Alban decided to move to London in 2017 for a new self employed carreer as jazz musician. Since then he has performed in numerous jazz clubs in London and the UK.