Unleash your talent

Would you like to unleash your talent?

Do you want to play or sing in a band?

Would you like to join a choir or orchestra?

Would you like to perform as a soloist?

Book Your Talent Suppport Audition in Less Than 1 Minute!

Please make a choice of the instrument below. Should you wish to play in band/ensemble please only choose YOUR instrument and let us know your preferences in the “what do you expect from your lesson” field.


We offer 30 minutes free consultations/auditions for individuals willing to take an advantage of our Talent Support Programme. Following the consultation you will be proposed the right course of action based on what we heard. This could be:

  • enrolling you to a band/ensemble
  • enrolling you to our choir/orchestra
  • offering you some performance opportunities
  • suggesting an individual teaching programme
  • offering you a scholarship- a year worth of a free tuition


This is an unique chance to have your enthusiasm put to work and for your potential to be productively developed based on the opinion of specialists! The programme is open to all ages and levels of profficiency!

Address for all FREE auditions:
The Masters Music School, 19 The Avenue, West Ealing, London W13 8JR.

Please note we are able to offer only 1 free consultation per applicant