Sparking Music

TMMS team are on a mission of delivering each child in Ealing a chance to experience music-making from the earliest years.

Our goal is to stimulate children’s imagination and musical interest and start a lifelong love and appreciation of music. We encourage all parents of the youngest children to start their musical journey from the earliest years!

We would love to visit your nursery and provide a fun, exciting and self-explorative music-making live music session to children free of charge!

Enrich the curriculum of your nursery free of charge and hassle and provide children with a unique musical experience today! Submit the interest form below to join the programme. 

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Step 1.

Please submit the Sparking Music in Nurseries Interest Form by clicking the button below

Step 2.

Please display our leaflet on your boards after the session.

Step 3.

 Please hand out our brochures to all the parents of your children after the session.

Step 4.

Please share an information about our session on your social media pages after the session took place. Don’t forget to include photos!

 In steps 2-4 we kindly ask you for a bit of help with spreading the news about what we do to the community so we can afford offering the sessions for free!


Here you go! Our sessions are:

Free of charge for parents and nurseries

Led by professional musicians and experienced early years music tutors, who are DBS checked and who delivered hundreds of successful nursery music sessions in various settings so far

Designed to correspond specifically with the EYFS practice guidelines

Exploring various real and children’s instruments

Exploring various real and children’s instruments

Including plenty of live music

Full of joy, laughter and fun!


  • Every visited nursery will be rewarded for taking part  by promoting the event on our social media profiles and school boards around the time of the session and listing it in our concert programmes. 
  • The parents of children from the nursery we visited  will be offered a substantial discount for any of the music lessons at TMMS


Matyas Csiba

Joanna Laboga