Course modules

Course module description

Individual Instrumental lessons

This will be a core module of your course.  You will be regularly taught and supervised by one of our excellent teachers who will make sure you progress faster than you ever had before.

Our lessons strongly emphasize the technical, interpretational and historical content of a performance. Some elements of the history of music, composition and improvisation are included. Effective performance psychology elements are implemented as a part of curriculum in order to enable students to effectively deliver the performances in high-pressure circumstances. Advanced learning strategies from top-level industry professionals will ensure the excellent progress and efficiency.

All our teachers have master’s degrees from renowned conservatoires in UK and Europe. Being active performers themselves they successfully bring their performance experience into the teaching environment enabling students to fully develop their potential.

Masterclass lessons/consultations

To support your regular lessons you will be coached by an external visiting teacher- usually a professor from a Higher Education Institution which will give you a chance to experience the standards in London’s Conservatoires and create a unique opportunity to connect with leading industry professionals

Performance Opportunities

A vital part of your course will be giving a recital in one of the venues in Central London. This will enable you to gain an invaluable experience needed in the later stages of professional training.

English classes tuition

If English is not your first language and you chose a course variant preparing to entrance audition at one of the Conservatoires we will make sure you receive an intense English tuition as a part of your Ultimate Professional Course. The language confidence will be a vital part of developing your professional career in London! Our course will prepare you for the IELTS certificate you will most likely need if you are willing to continue your education in the UK or any other qualifications you may need.

Academic modules

If you chose the BMus prep variant of the course you will be attending Advanced Aural Training and Practical Musicianship classes. These are preparing you to the entry exams in Conservatoires  and are required independently from the performance audition.

Professional Skills: Studio Experience

Learning on how to record your performances is a part of the Ultimate Professional Course curriculum if you chose the MMus Prep or Experience variant. You will attend a series of seminars focusing on:

  • Preparing to recording sessions
  • Understanding the difference between studio and public performance
  • Making the most of your recording session
  • Understanding the edition and post- production process
  • Digital marketing of your recordings

As a result of your studio experience session you will be recording your own demo CD which later becomes a part of your professional portfolio.

Professional Portfolio

If you chose the Experience Variant of the course as a result of your  studio experience module you will receives a complete professional portfolio on the course completion.

This consist of:

  • A demo CD/digital recording
  • Website
  • Photos
  • Offline promo materials

These could be used further once attending a higher education institution the course is intended to prepare to.

Application support

If you chose to take the course to prepare to attend an entry audition for one of the UK music conservatories we will make sure you are supported during the entire process from making an application to securing your place!

You will be instructed on:

  • the application deadlines,
  • audition requirements
  • audition dates and sessions

We will assist you with submitting your application. We will carefully prepare you to all aspects of your audition including:

  • planning performance and repertoire
  • preparing to admission interview
  • applying for scholarships and researching funding options available