1 Month Intensive Course

Entry requirements

  • application form and document submission
  • excellent standard of performance based on recording audition
  • minimum age of 18
  • certificate of secondary education
  • standard visitor visa
  • fees paid according to the payment schedule

Course Suitability

  • all students willing to take longer courses in the future
  • undergraduate applicants
  • postgraduate applicants
  • graduates and professionals

Course Completion Documents

Certificate of the course completion

Performance certificate with written feedback report

Study report feedback


Not included in price. Can be arranged privately or by TMMS

Visa Fees

Paid by the student

Course modules

Module description

Performance and learning

4hrs of individual tuition a week

1 consultation/masterclass lessons with Visiting Teacher

from Higher Education Institution

1 Performance in a Central London Venue

Use of practice facilities

Aceess to other student’s open lessons and performances

Individual Instrumental lessons

This will be a core module of your course.  You will be regularly taught and supervised by one of our excellent teachers who will make sure you progress faster than you ever had before. Our lessons strongly emphasize the technical, interpretational and historical content of a performance. Some elements of the history of music, composition and improvisation are included. Effective performance psychology elements are implemented as a part of curriculum in order to enable students to effectively deliver the performances in high-pressure circumstances. Advanced learning strategies from top-level industry professionals will ensure the excellent progress and efficiency. All our teachers have master’s degrees from renowned conservatoires in UK and Europe. Being active performers themselves they successfully bring their performance experience into the teaching environment enabling students to fully develop their potential.


To support your regular lessons you will be coached by an external visiting teacher- usually a professor from a Higher Education Institution which will give you a chance to experience the standards in London’s Conservatoires and create a unique opportunity to connect with leading industry professionals.

Performance Experience

You will be given an opportunity to perform in a Central London Venue. This will be an excellent chance to put your skills to test in a performance environment. You will receive a graded feedback report from your performance as well as a certificate confirming your performance.

Use of practise facilities

As a TMMS student you will have access to our practise facilities so you can make the most of your intense lesson curriculum.

Open lessons

You will have a chance to attend other participants lessons and concerts to make the most of your learning experience.

Experience London

Access to 4 concerts in famous London venues

London Zones 1-3 travelling

Photo session

Attend concerts in famous London venues

You will receive 4 complimentary tickets for some exciting concerts in top London venues.

Travelling around London

You will receive a complimentary London Underground Travel Card so you won’t have to worry avout extra travel costs.

Photo session

Your London performance will be photographed by a professionalist and you will receive photos which could be further used for your promotion.