Interactive Online Tools

The best tools to give you the best possible online education experience

We have hand picked the best interactive virtual and online class tools to ensure a more effective and efficient learning experience for all our students. We are continuously adding tools that will further enhance and improve your musical talent. 

Musition - Music Theory

Even if you ‘play by ear’, music theory will help you understand what other musicians are playing, increasing your awareness of their melodic, rhythmic and harmonic language.

Regardless of your musical style, classical, jazz or contemporary, the music theory exercises in Musition will help you reinforce and expand your knowledge, making you a better musician.

  • Read and write music
  • Understand scale and chord structures
  • Improve your sense of rhythm
  • Understand instrument keys and transposition
  • Comprehend musical terms and symbols

Auralia - Ear Training

A well developed ear is essential for musicians of all levels. In developing the skills to imitate, compare, sing, identify and transcribe various musical elements, our overall musical skills are enhanced.

  • From beginner to advanced
  • Great for all ages
  • Identify chords in your favourite songs
  • Play more in tune
  • Transcribe solos and improve your improvising
  • Play by ear
  • Improve your solo and ensemble performances
  • Sight sing with ease

PracticeFirst - Performance Feedback

PracticeFirst™, powered by MatchMySound™, allows students to practice anytime, anywhere, on any device (including mobile!). PracticeFirst provides students with instantaneous & intuitive feedback, allowing them to gain meaningful insights into the quality of their practice and accelerate their achievement. 

  • Feedback on Rhythm, Pitch, Intonation and Duration
  • Tailored for students of all levels
  • Comes with exercises and pieces or create your own
  • Assesses rhythmic and pitch accuracy
  • memorisation and sight reading modes
  • Works for polyphonic instruments like piano and guitar