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Classes are dynamic and full of activities

It has been a year now since my daughter started Little Genius with Asia in TMMS. While I was attending these classes at the beginning, because of my daughter’s timidity, I gained an insight in the content of the program tailored for the youngest. I was surprised by teacher’s creativity because she was able to represent different aspects of music on symbolic level with means appropriate for the age of 3. Classes are dynamic and full of activities through which my child has been learning to express rhythm with her body, recognize a higher/lower tone pitches by taking positions in the space or organizing some concrete materials. She had an opportunity to explore different instruments and their volumes. After a year I am amazed by my daughter’s progress and grateful to the teacher for her patient approach, amazing knowledge and meticulously planed work.

Jelena Đukić Radivojević

enjoying the play and theory

We enrolled our 4 year old daughter in the Little Genius program about a month ago and are thrilled with both her enthusiasm and apparent progress. I sat in on one of the classes and was incredibly impressed with how well the teacher lead the class and how fully she interacted with my daughter. We look forward to eventually studying an instrument at the school, but are very much enjoying the play and theory incorporated in the Little Genius classes!

Sarah Mansourian

Very professional

Warm, welcoming and very professional.

Lola Louis

Brilliant fun

A fantastic school! I’m so pleased with the professionalism and expertise of the teachers. My 2.5 year old has loved every lesson and is learning lots in the Little Genius course. The approach is playful and friendly yet incorporates musical terms and concepts. Brilliant fun and couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Kaija Stockner

my singing has really progressed

I enjoyed my singing lessons with Evegeniya Kiseleva because she is a wonderful teacher, and my singing has really progressed with her help. I can thoroughly recommend her as a competent and knowledgeable singing teacher.

Julie de Burgh

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