Flexi lessons

Too busy for regular lessons but still want to play?

Want to just have one more shot before enrolling for a longer course?

Want to have an ad hoc lesson?

If for any reasons you need flexibility and can’t enroll to our longer courses, here you can book your flexi lessons.

1. Buy in bulk and save or pay as you book!

We’re offering discount coupon codes for the students willing to buy their flexi lesson in bulk. Your flexi lessons in a package can be discounted 20% compared to the single flexi lesson price.

1 Lesson = £45, 10 Lessons=£350 

  1. Click on the button to make a payment
  2. We will email the coupon code to you
  3. Enter the code on the checkout- that will reduce lesson price to 0

2. Use the form below to make your booking


3. Don't have a coupon code or don't want one?

You can still book your lessons one by one using this page. After choosing the slot you will be asked to make a payment on the checkout. If you don’t have a PayPal account please use check out as a guest option which will enable to to pay by card. Please note that the lessons booked without coupon codes are more expensive.

Need regular lessons instead?


  1. Once booked the lessons are not refundable/cancellable/rearrangable
  2. The coupon entitles you to have 10 lessons in a period of 3 months and expires afterwards. The lessons can’t be carried over/refunded.
  3. The booking of flexi lessons is only possible online, we don’t offer bookings/rearrangements by the phone or on site
  4.  All flexi-lessons are subject to the availability as presented on the booking form. No other availability can be guaranteed and neither can be a regular slot/teacher